On Friday 23 March 2007, I received my fifth SOS mail from a fellow Thai Gem Scam victim from Singapore since early January this year. Then, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” came to my mind. These conmen are really getting out of hand. I told myself it’s time to do something to change this. I don’t think I alone will be able to eradicate these scums but at least, I want to let more people, fellow Singaporeans especially, be aware of this.

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2 Comments on “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

  1. Bernard Says:

    Thailand is the land of scams all right…. their tourist market will suffer for sure.

  2. geo Says:

    Caution thief Mike hotel near the walking street to get 150 meters (Pattaya, Thailand, August 2011) http://www.mikehotel.com/
    Every year (cella is 6 years old) I was in Pattaya in August month and I stay at the same hotel (MIKE HOTEL has 150 feet of the street walking street) me and my family, so two or three rooms three rooms this year because the family grows. The hotel staff knows us very well and it is in general 25 to 28 days. That you located the situation and the geographical area we do not particularly trust the chests made available for a lot of good reason. my son was hiding his money in his bag about 1500 euros and 35,000 baht, well wrapped in a towel to hide his habit as he stole the 35,000 baht, but not the euro. We watched the video recordings at the reception and there are only two of the four maids who’s back in the room. We call the police we are asking the proof of 35,000 baht currency were shown and it is done call on the field the cleaners to the police station in Pattaya it was 22 pm, but could do nothing because it is denying the facts of the police officer who was the tourist police as a translator told us that Anyway they argued that all of them. we had to leave the hotel the next morning course at the reception we were charged last night (no gifts, (and if you have more money to pay the hotel?), that we who will be in prison) and as a bonus as my wife had gone to look for another hotel with our room key without meaning to stick it on my groom behind me as I had told them that I bring back the key (we are not all dishonest [1 = 50 baht a key comparison which was stolen]) fortunately we all had the phone for my wife then return the key (to tell you that I would have no I dropped it became the thief)
    If I made this post was for you warn of what awaits you at Mike Hotel for theft in any case, I noted that feelings among Thais vis a vis the tourists do not exist (not tourist! translation: maytchay naktongtiao rao tcheu BAHT-MAN may ?.
    They have stolen 35,000 baht may be = 850 euros in change, but I will put this post on every forum that deals directly or indirectly to the tourist

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