Two more in one month!

Since my last entry, two more victims have approached me. One of them is a widow, who was on a healing trip after the recent demise of her husband. She told me she was devastated and felt ashamed being cheated. No way is it our fault, I told her!

These people have no heart whatsoever – as long as it is a “victimizable” victim, they will pounce on him/her. Believe me, they will swindle away your life-savings if they can.

We need actions to stop these people. It starts with awareness and word-of-mouth.

First of all, you got to stop feeling ashamed of being cheated – it’s not your fault at all!

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5 Comments on “Two more in one month!”

  1. I was also scammed in Thailand for $5,000 on gems. I am still arguing the charge with my credit card and started to warn other tourists about this and other scams. Please check it out and learn about and report scams.

  2. Lim Kuan Yew Says:

    My wife & I are the latest victims of the Yindee gems scam in Bangkok. We went there on the 13th March and the very next day, when we were at CentreWorld, a guy claiming to be a security chief there told us about the so-called Thai Buddha’s birthday and the Lucky Buddha Temple. Sensing nothing wrong, we took a tuk tuk there. At that temple, we met a so-called ex-Thai army Captain who told us about Yindee and how he would go there to buy gems and sell them elsewhere for a big profit. We then took the same tuk tuk to Yindee where an elderly saleswoman showed us a few sets of ruby and sapphire gems. She told us that since today is the Thai Buddha’s birthday, she will give us a 30% discount on our purchases. Bought a ruby set for Thai baht 110,000. Well, I guessed this is it then. We got conned big time and we didn’t even know anything about it until my wife decided to check out Yindee on the internet. What to do? Blame it on bad luck? I really don’t understand how these people can live with themselves. No morale? Heartless? Inhumane? Don’t think there are really any words to describe them. Well, this is our story. Any comments?

  3. Steven Says:

    Hi, I am Malaysian and are also victims of the Yindee gems scam in Bangkok. We went to siam centre and a lady approach us. She seem very nice and wonderful, know the fact that Thai is famous for being good hospitality. We let down our guard. Yeah, she sell us the story that the lucky buddha day once in 700 years etc.. bla bla bla..
    When we are there, lit the joss stick, candel and etc…when up to upper shine hall and there a guy praying. He very friendly too, and said that he was previously a practice monk in the temple and have business in phuket, bangkok, singapore and sdyney. I thought monk suppose to practice precept and not a conman.

    Get show to Yin Dee, bought the same set of ruby at 110,000 bath less 30% discount. I only manage to find out about it when I am back to malaysia after the trip.

    Anyway, for now I have claimed dispute payment with my credit cards bank, sort of a way to buy time. Can you please assist me to claim back my money.

    We ought to do something about this scam. Let me know if you are taking any action and I will try to lend a helping hand so that there will not be any further victims.

  4. clubsiam Says:

    Photos of the Erawan Shrine Tourist Mafia here:

  5. clubsiam Says:

    I have been involved with the tourism industry in Thailand. Meeting thousands of tourists, I see what is going on these days.
    Local Thais haver NO IDEA what is happening to tourism.
    I care. I have many Thai friends, some in the tourist industry. All of them have been complaining about how slow business has been. Thousands of visitors getting scammed every week cannot be good. ..and I am doing somthing about it.

    Over the years I have come to believe that there is no real rule of law here. No protection other than money and connections.
    As foreigners, we have even less protection than the Thais who enjoy slightly less than no protection.

    Dozens of scammers working over tourists at Thailand most famous sites has been going on too long.
    These scammers have morphed into a powerful tourist mafia that is untouchable, supported by the Police.
    Here is my evidence.

    If you visit the Grand Palace, it is very likely, that near the entrance you will be approached by someone wearing a uniform and looking very official who will tell you that The Palace is closed for a couple of hours except to local people. He will then offer to arrange a tuc-tuc to take you to some other places of interest in the area,whilst you wait for the palace to re-open.!

    There is a vast conspiracy to defraud every tourist that enters the Country.
    It starts at the Airport at the baggage pickup. (AOT LIMO SCAM).
    Hundreds of Tourist Mafia Touts have free reign in the arrival hall. Thing is about touts at the new airport, most unsuspecting tourists wouldn’t even think they were touts as they operate in such a position that they seem official – right outside arrivals, in uniforms!. Fake ID tags
    Fake Customs officers, transport officials (in uniform) scamming travelers as the exit.

    Did you know that the taxies ‘parked’ by the hotels are almost all scammers?
    Yes. Honest drivers are not allowed to park adjacent to the hotels.
    Every expat knows this but I’m sure the locals Thais don’t realize this.
    What about the Tuk Tuiks on my Soi?
    All they do is lie to tourists. Do you actually think they are there to give tourists rides to the Temples etc?
    Every one of them in the Tourist Zone is a scammer these days.

    How about the Fake Students and their Fake Survey. They even have the nerve to wear the AMAZING THAILAND logo! How many tourists do they harass every day?

    Let’s discuss the FAKE MONKS working over tourists all over town. How can they be tolerated?

    I won’t mention the FAKE BEGGAR team diverting all the donations to the poor.
    The Sukhumvit/Silom Museum of Horrors; The beggers are working for a street gang, diverting donation for the poor into the pockets of street mafia.
    The proceeds go to the punks that own the sidewalks.(Police)

    How about the recent escalation of the LITTERING POLICE harassing tourists all day long. That is a huge problem, I’m sure the Thais are not aware of this. Dozens of (Police) harrassing tourists all day long…the fine 2000thb. I estimate the Sukhumvit littering Police a million thb a day. Representatives from Embassies have been asking for this to stop.

    Did you know the Thong Lor Police have been doing random searches of foreigners?
    Yes, they are pulling them out of taxies and searching/intimidating them.Especially near Soi22.

    What happens when a tourist walks into Hualumphong Station looking to buy a ticket? Scammers approaching every tourist that enter the Station, displaying what is a bogus ID card saying they are with the TAT. YES, inside the Station, in front of security/management.

    Look at the Sala Daeng MRT/BTS area. The Tourist Mafia has representatives there too, all day, every day.

    Look at the BTS platform/Skywalk near MBK..Yes they are there too and the BTS guards allow it.

    The Tourist Mafia has agents at the intersection of Sukhumvit Soi 18 & 20 trolling for tourists that stay at the hotels there.

    Walk down Silom and you will meet the Tourist Mafia at all the major intersections and near the hotels. They usually are very well dressed and have some scamming Tuk Tuk driver close by to take you to the next stage of the con game.

    Should I get into the Baht Bus Scams on the Islands?

    What about double pricing? Even at places like Ocean World where they sneakily put the local price in Thai Script! I’m guessing the reason they put the Thai price in Thai scipt is so that no tourists would ever spot the different price.

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