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Message to all fellow victims: Fortune Favors the Brave

June 25, 2008

A summary of what had happened since I started my blog back in Jan 2007.

  • About 24 people have approached me for help one way or another since Jan 2007 – more than 1 case per month in average.
  • A total of more than S$124,000 (5 victims did not update me about the amounts that they were scammed) have been scammed from these 24 victims.
  • Of these 24, in my knowledge 10 of you made your way back to Bangkok using the procedures I’ve mapped out for you.
  • Out of these 10, 9 of you got back your full refund (albeit in THB), while the other 1 of you got back 75%.
  • The total amount of money recovered to-date is about S$77,000.
  • The largest amount recovered was S$20,000 and the lowest S$2,700.

So, the conclusion one can draw from above is very clear: if you try recovering your money using the method I’ve detailed out for you in this blog, I reckon you stand a very good chance of recovering the FULL amount of the money you got scammed (in THB).

And, in the spirit of Fortune Favoring the Brave, I don’t perform the following for a fellow victim:

  • Get you a Thai or Thai-speaking friend.  I’m sure you will have a friend’s friend’s aunty’s nephew’s girlfriend’s father or something like that who is a Thai.
  • Help you recover your money by going down to Bangkok or calling the Tourist Police, not even for a small fee.  I don’t fancy small fees (honestly speaking), and I don’t suppose you would pay me the same amount you got cheated.

If you are hungry (which I and 10 other fellow victims were) to get back your hard-earned money, the path is already laid out for you.  Lucky you – I had to figure the steps out myself.

Good luck!